Chemical Feed Flowmeter

Model S6A (New) by Blue-White Ind.

  1. Features: 

.  Inline assorted pipe fittings for easy installation

.  Configurable via Blue-Central desktop software


.  Isolated 4-20 mA output - fully configurable

.  0-10000Hz Pulse output - fully configurable

.  User-configurable flow rate and total set-point   


.  Flow-rate readings as low as 10 mL/min

.  True unions for ease of maintenance

.  Wetted components constructed out of PVDF and 


.  Process control via configurable solid state

                                           relay, which can be configured to close or open

                                           trigger at a flow-rate or to flow total for batching


                                       .  Large 3.5" backlit LCD display

                                       .  Less than 1 PSI pressure Drop

                                       .  High Turn Down Ratio

                                       .  Meter Mount display


                                       .  Remote Mount display


                                       Flow Range: 


                                       .  10-5000 mL/ min  (0.158-79.2 GPH)

                                       .  100-10000 mL/min (1.58-158.5 GPH)






                                             Remote Mount Display

                                       Install Kit Comes With Flowmeter

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